All my life has been spent on the farm and has been full of places that are only reached by traveling down an old dirt road. Its this farming background that has fueled my love for all things agriculture.  It was only fitting I pursue a degree in animal science.  Since I was 12 years old, i knew i wanted to be a vet.  My passions in life all revolve around agriculture.

Whether its traveling the rodeo circuits as Miss Rodeo Missouri 2011, working my bucking-bred heifers in the field, or taking photos of my chuckwagon racing family, my life is filled with all things ag. Along the way, i’ve found that most of the places I’ve been and will travel to can be reached by backroads.  These hidden highways filled with nature and barbed wire fences help me see the beauty in an all too hectic world.  Removed from the cities, the pavement, and the people, Backroads and Barbed Wire is my outlet for all things fueled by the industry and by the love of my heritage.

Every now and then, the long way home makes for the most relaxing and enlightening moments.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, Thanks for stopping by my page! I appreciate it! I’m glad I checked your blog out as well I look forward to following it. I’ve wanted to get into the bucking bull business for several years now and am always interested in learing about others involved with the business. I’d love to hear more about your bucking bred cows. Have a great day!


    • Hey thanks for the follow! This whole blogging thing is pretty new to me and if it wasn’t for a class i never would have thought about it! but Hey, who knew, i’m kind of enjoying myself….the bucking bulls have ALWAYS been a passion of mine and I am JUST getting started! Hopefully here soon i’ll be able to introduce my fabulous ladies from the field to the online world 🙂

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