That time of year…

Fall on the farm!

Well folks, its that time of year again.  The time of red, and yellow, and orange leaves, deer and turkey season, hoodies, bonfires, Halloween and the PBR world finals! That’s right! It’s officially fall… my absolute favorite time of year.  Granted this year the weather has been a little chillier than I like BUT thats alright.  No major complaints.   This is the perfect weather for backroading! Grab a jacket, grab a warm drink, grab a camera, fill up the ol’ truck and hit the dirtiest, roughest, most remote gravel road you can find and just let all your troubles fall under the tires and enjoy the beautiful colors of fall.  Don’t forget to snap a few photos while your at it! Sometimes the simplest subjects make the best shots!!

Backroading not your style? Well then don’t forget to turn on your TV’s to CBS Sports Network and check out all the festivities going on in Las Vegas this upcoming weekend! Starting on Wednesday October 23, the men of the professional bull riding go head-to-head with the top bulls in the world to try and capture that elusive World Title.  Who will it be? The 25-year-old  2-time world champion from Brazil? Or will it be the 26 year old North Carolina boy who is back with a vengeance this year? Its a tight race with only a few hundred points between Silvano Alves and JB Mauney.  This week, the bulls take over sin city!

Not a bull riding fan? There’s fall fun for you too! Almost every community has a fall festival  of some sort and it’s a great way to get involved and educated about your local agriculture sector as well as support creatives from your community.  Check out your city calendar or even better, go check out some of the surrounding communities!


2 thoughts on “That time of year…

  1. I’m So excited for the finals!! Wish I was going but I’ll settle for TV action 🙂 I really hope JB pulls through and wins it all! He deserves it. He’s been trying for years to get the gold buckle. I’m sad though that Luke, Brendon, and Cord are retiring they are some of my favorites. Who do you want to win or who are your favorites?

    • JB is my favorite to win it. I really hope LJ Jenkins, Luke and Mike Lee have a good showing at finals. As for the bulls, I would like to see Bushwacker win bull of the year. Also Ludacris is out in Vegas again this year (he’s the sire to 3 of my heifers) so I would like to see him with a buck-off. Luke’s retirement really has me bummed! He’s just hitting his prime in my opinion but only Luke knows how much more his mind and body can take!

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