My heroes have always been cowboys…

I’m a firm believer very few good things in life comes without a little bit of hard work and dedication.  What is dedication to you? To me, it is the drive to do something you love to the best of your abilities.  To me, true dedication can only come from pure and solid intentions; intentions that only better yourself and those around you. Nothing can stand in the way of true dedication.  Not injury, sickness, failure, or age can block the path dedication sends you down.   True dedication can be found all around however for each person, there are outstanding examples that will stick with them forever.  Cowboys (and cowgirls) are the epitome of dedication for me.   I have yet to see a group of guys (or anyone for that matter) who work harder and are more in love with what they do.  A 250lb guy running at you on the football field is one thing… try a 1250lb bull stomping at your legs; a 1000lb horse trying with all its strength to unseat you. experiences like these put dedication to the test.

In January of 2012, Pistol Robinson faced off in the heart of NYC against a bull called Carrillo Cartel.  That match up left him with two broken legs.  You can see the video below.  Now, I don’t know what the average recovery time is for one broken leg, let alone two.  I DO know that in almost less than a year, Pistol was back on bulls.  Not just the little practice bulls, but the PBR Touring Pro caliber bulls.  In June of this year, he took on one of the best bulls in the history of the sport… Bushwacker.  Less than a year and a half after steel rods in both of his legs and he attempts to ride the runner-up bull of the year with 42 straight BFTS buckoffs under his belt.  Not because of an unlucky draw or an extremely rank pen of bulls.  The ride was an exhibition, not competition… granted there WAS the possibility of a pretty decent payout.  So far this season he has hit several events and is looking forward to his return to the Built Ford Tough series in January.

Pistol isn’t the only one to come back from injury. Yet another is set to return to the sport come January.  BFTS Bull rider Brian Canter has undergone several hip surgeries and a total right knee replacement. His thoughts? “”I can see it coming.  I can just see it be my year…”  After three years of battling injury, his sights are set high.


Pistol and Brian are just two examples of the cowboy way of life and the dedication it requires to reach the top.  They’re not in it for the fame or the money.  Its the love of the sport, and the fans, that drive them to continue.  What cowboys (or cowgirls) have inspired you lately?


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