My favorite backroad…

 It’s been a while since I’ve hit a backroad, so this weekend, I decided it was time to take a short trip on my favorite backroad.  It’s not paved; it’s not even a gravel road or a “dirt” road.  Its the old logging road that leads to our back 40.  It’s the most peaceful place on earth for me.  While I was relaxing and enjoying the sights at my favorite place on earth, i was visited by some of my very favorite cows 🙂  Being a photographer, I rarely go anywhere without my camera and LUCKILY this was no exception.  I got some awesome shots of my girls.  For those who don’t know, I have a very unique herd of cows.  It is by no means a large herd but it’s unique in the fact that not very many people can claim a herd quite like this.  I mean, how many Missouri girls can claim a group of cows sired by PBR World Final bulls?? Not many! They are my pride and joy.  They represent everything I’ve worked for and worked towards.  Before my ladies, it was just a passing thought “oh, i would love to have some bucking stock one day”.  Well now i do and how fitting my two favorite hobbies collided just before the stress of midterms struck!  Here is just a glimpse into the beginnings of my very own bucking stock operation taken from my favorite spot on my favorite backroad!


Here we have the incredibly photogenic Billie Jean.  She has the most personality in a cow i have EVER seen.  She is a HUGE pet.  This could come back to bite us come time to work them 😛

ImageCalamity JaneC.J.


 These lovely ladies are Calamity Jane and Elvira.  (don’t ask about the names, they were a group effort between me and my mom)  They are the most shy of the bunch.  Crazy intelligent and crazy beautiful, these two like Billie Jean are out of the black and white spotted Ludacris.  Ludacris has bucked on the Built Ford Tough Circuit for a few years now and has bucked at two PBR World finals.  He has entered retirement this year and is living it up on Owen Ranch in Big Cabin, OK.

Miss Tillie BMiss Tillie B


Now for my fourth and final beauty.  This gem is Miss Tillie B. Named after one of the bronc bustin’ beauties of the wild west, this little lady is definitely my favorite.  Her bloodlines go back to the epic bull Magic Carpet Ride. Her Sire? none other than the World Finals Bull Pandamonium.  She is docile, beautiful, and lets just say she can hold her own out of a chute! This little lady’s got MAD skills :).


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